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Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
Our engineering team is able to edit or write from scratch any programs for your specific application. We also offer our clients any upgrading and servicing any PLC or Microprocessor.
Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)
We have strong knowledge and experience in major of the computer base HMI. We can develop systems that will analyze a wide range of production data and convert it into clear, organized information.
Our engineering team is designing complete cell and end of arm tooling for a specific applications, programming and servicing systems. For robots integration into production lines.
cutting-edge technologies
Tatco Controls Inc. is a Canadian privately owned and operated Automation Company. Tatco Controls Inc. is a leading provider of the most innovative, structured and applicable solutions to customers all over the world. TCI already has an extensive clientele based on successful growth, experience and respect. Using Leading Edge Technology TCI is capable of solving customers’ most complicated issues efficiently and effectively.


Our clients’ priorities are TCI’s main concern, whether it’s the end result, cost, reliability, innovation or their timeline. Not only do we build panels and create innovative programs we also increase production, safety and the customer’s bottom line. Our mission is to solve your issues with the most effective technology available while keeping in mind cost and timeline. No automation question is ever too small or too advanced. TCI always approaches its projects with open mind and a possible solution in hand.


  • DESIGN - TCI design and manufacture custom controls from small operation station to large PLC operated panels tailored to customer needs. All of our controlee panels are hydro inspected.
  • SAFETY - Our engeniereing department can deliver wide range of safety services ranging from a complete suite of safety assessments to the implementation of a customized safety solution.
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